Golden Gordon: Barnestoneworth, West Yorkshire 1935: 
Gordon Ottershaw is an ever-optimistic (and often bad-tempered) supporter of the local and hapless football team Barnestoneworth United who haven't won a game at their Sewage Works ground for years. Consequently, the ground is to be sold to scrap merchant Arthur Foggen but not before Gordon attempts to round up all the players from the club's last era of success so that they can represent the team in their final match against arch-rivals Denley Moor. The model here shows Gordon about to enter the butcher shop of Neville Davitt, legendary centre forward of whom it is said that a football would shoot off his head like a .22 rifle bullet such was his prowess. This episode of Ripping Yarns is a 'must-watch' for any young football fan though be sure that all clocks, ornaments and even models are removed from the mantelpiece prior to viewing!   ("Coaches from Leeds.....").