Pic 11

Still more seats

Pic 10

More seats, mind numbing

Pic 9

Seats are now being fitted, only 9,000 of them

Pic 8

Exec boxes have now had their windows fitted, Glass is represented by mirror perspex.

Pic 7

All primed up and ready to go

Pic 6

First coat of grey primer to save my sight, looking at white plastic for hours makes me snow blind

Pic 5

I'll be finished by the end of this week, flying through it.

Pic 4

Going well today, first stairwell fitted and dividing walls sorted

Pic 3

Fitting terracing to tiers 2 and 3, all pretty boring stuff really, Doesn't look at all like the Carling Stand.

Pic 2

Slow progress as the first effort was taken down and threw into the bin, after four days I can see a little progress

Pic 1

After a few weeks of intense research, I am ready to go and the first pieces of plastic profile are laid